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teaching abstract art


I believe that doing arts and crafts on a regular basis helps to develop children's imagination and confidence, both in themselves and in what they make and especially for small children it gives them a way of communication without words. I also believe it helps with hand-eye coordination, small and large motor skills and improves their visual literacy in an increasingly visual world. 

I aim to help your child learn to use different materials and creative techniques. Each workshop is based round a different artist, that inspires the art and craft. We also make time for a well earned drink snack (which I provide). 

Don't worry about ages and abilities, I differentiate the activities so that kids from 5 - 11 years old can work together.

Primary Art 

P1 to P 7, Class size – 5 to 18, Price - £6.00, Tuesday 4 - 5.00pm.

Advanced Art 

P5 to S2, Class size – 5 to 10, Price - £8.00, Wednesday 4 - 5.15pm.

This class focusses more on technique and how to use each medium. It helps children find their own style and encourages them to critique their work and that of others.

Studio G5

Education Space

St. Margaret's House 

151 London Road




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