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Workshops are a great way to celebrate a hen do, birthday, baby shower or just for fun. They cost £10 a person* and are for between 10 - 20 people lasting approximately 2 hrs. Refreshments and all materials are included. 

Still life drawing and painting 1 teacher

Start to become familiar with using pencil and charcoal to practice drawing a series of small sketches of various objects. Then create an acrylic painting. The teacher will help you with the basics of colour mixing and using acrylic paint. 

Make a selection of marbled books 1 teacher

Learn how to use a selection of colourful inks to make gorgeously marbled paper. Then use a variety of techniques to bind a couple of small note books. Perfect for gifts but so lovely you’ll want to keep them yourself. 


Custom a cushion cover 2 teachers

Let your imagination run wild as you design your own cushion cover. Learn to make basic patterns, choose from colourful fabrics, buttons & ribbons and use free hand sewing techniques to create a cushion cover made just for you. 

Abstract Canvas 1 teacher

Use acrylic paint to create a brilliant piece of modern art on canvas. Learn about colour theory and create your own magical masterpiece.

 Gelatin Printing 2 teachers

Learn the basics of printing using a block of gelatin. Produce delicate and bold prints that can be done on turned into wrapping paper, bags, gift tags or just framed. 


 Modrock sculptures 2 teachers

Be inspired by famous sculptures before designing your own sculpture. Then use wire and modrock (plaster filled fabric) to make a striking sculpture of your own. 


T-shirt transformation 1 teacher

Learn how to turn a t-shirt into lovely yarn. Then use your gorgeous yam to make garlands, scarfs, headbands or mats. A great way to upcycle t - shirts you'd never wear and create something completely different. 


 Buttons, Badges and Brooches 1 teacher

Use colourful scraps of material to make gorgeous buttons, broaches and badges. Using hand sewing and design this is great way to use up left over material and create a gift for yourself or a friend.

*may be subject to room hire & teacher fee

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